Thursday, March 22, 2012

Water Park Fun!

Today we went to a water park at a local resort that Aunt Heather and Judah were staying at.  Yes, while we were off on vacation here in the Dells, our friend Aunt Heather just happened to be here in the same area for spring break as well!  Too funny!  At her resort, they had a fun pool area with a water slide and lots of fun inter-actives for the kiddies.  They even had a HUGE outdoor hot tub that was like 5 hot tubs in one!  Here are some pictures we took this morning...

Look at Daddy and Jackson posing for the camera - Notice Jackson little hip!  LOL.  ;-)

Dad and Peyton watching as Daddy and Jackson went down the water slide.
Daddy and Jackson jumping up out of the water after coming down the slide.
Later tonight, we are heading back to Buffalo Phil's for dinner with toy train delivery with Aunt Heather, her mom, aunt, and Judah.  And then we head back home tomorrow.  This week sure went by very quickly!  I think we are going to try to see House On The Rock on our way back to Iowa.  ;-)

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