Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Look Dad, No Training Wheels!

Dad and I had talked prior to our spring break trip that this would be a great time for Jackson to practice riding his bike.  Last year we didn't get as much practice in as we would have liked.  So the day before we left for the Dells, I pulled Jackson's bike from the shed to take with us and it was all dirty with spider webs and such on it. So I gave Jackson a wet rag and asked him to go clean it. Seconds later he comes running in the house crying because there is a spider on his bike. So I go outside with him, kill the spider, but still when I go to hand him the rag he goes hysterical. After a few deep breaths and a drink of water he cleaned the bike. For a little boy who loves to be outside I hope he gets over this fear of ALL bugs soon!

Today we took his training wheels off of his bike and he's doing really good with riding his bike.  Here is a video I took of him and Dad in the yard behind our vacation condo.

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