Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back in the Groove

First, we made it back safely last Friday from our spring break vacation!  We ended up not stopped at the House On The Rock after I looked a little closer at their website and determined that some areas would not be good for a stroller.  So let's be honest, I was not about to carry a 30 lb. toddler everywhere!  LOL.  ;-)

This past weekend we had our first family bike ride!  Jackson did not feel comfortable enough to ride without his training wheels, so we put them back on.  The weather was so nice and Water Works Park and Gray's Lake were packed with people.  I think Peyton liked being in the trailer behind my bike all by himself (last year we typically put both boys in the trailer).  We kept running into people we knew at the park and that was fun.  Sometimes I forget how small the southside of Des Moines really is!

Yesterday was my very first day as a working daddy (or working girl as dad keeps calling me).  LOL.  The day was fun as we all tried out our new Monday, Thursday and Friday (the days I'm working) routine with my mom coming over to watch Peyton, Jackson and I leaving for school, and me heading to work.  The day went by fast and I met a lot of new people!  They even took me out to lunch for my first day - very nice!  At the end of the day it felt good to stop what I was doing and pass it along to someone else and leave.  After working in some many jobs where I wore so many different hats and had the responsibility to get it all done...  I'm really gonna like this part-time gig!!  ;-)

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