Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby Signing Time!

I LOVE Baby Signing Time! It is amazing to me how well Peyton has caught on to signing when he wants "more milk" or to "eat."  His vocabulary has improved as well and he is saying more words like, "No, ball, more, Nana, and thank you." There are four volumes in the baby signing time series and we have just moved on to volume 3.  We are going to learn words like day, sun, tree, good night, etc.  I'm excited.  Plus, we just got CD's for the car to listen to all of the songs from all of the DVD's!  I'm probably more excited than Peyton because I'm singing these songs all the time now!

Below is my new favorite picture of Peyton signing for "more" and getting very pissed off at Daddy because I don't know what he wants "more" of!  LOL.

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  1. You're absolutely right, AJ... I keep hearing the songs in my head, find myself singing them aloud while I'm working and especially remember Peyton when I visited lately. He was always pulling on my pants leg and then walking over to the television cabinet and pointing to the remote (that specifically controls the dvd player I have you know!, but of course!)and then turning to me and signing "baby signing time" just like the video does in the opening introduction every time it plays! I enjoyed watching his reaction and responding to the signs. I know it was a very worthwhile purchase. That Rachel has a beautiful voice and she certainly relates to the little ones. You should view some of the company's videos from their website... one shows an instructor sharing experiences about her Baby Signing Time classes. Love it! Mammaw!