Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Madison Children's Museum

Yesterday we drove to Madison, WI and visited the Madison Children's Museum.  Most of you will remember that I worked at a Children's Museum for 6 years in North Carolina, so I love to go check out what other places have done for their local communities. If you have not been to this Museum before, you really should check it out.  VERY fun building (it's on a triangle shaped block) and I LOVED what they did with this old historic building.  The best part was the rooftop outdoor garden exhibit.  Here are some pictures that we took of Peyton and Jackson playing in their water exhibit. 

Peyton threw the biggest fit when we decided to move on to another exhibit area!  He LOVED the water!  But then we found the building area, the large hamster wheel that Jackson and I ran inside, the art studio, and the rooftop garden. 

We had a great time and look forward to visiting the Madison Children's Museum again in the future!

Just because this made me laugh... the other day when we stopped at Wal-mart here in the Dells, we found these wonderful cheese hats.  LOL.  So when in Wisconsin, do as they do...

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