Sunday, March 4, 2012

A break for Daddy (and Dad)...

For the past two week, Daniel and I have been in Las Vegas! Yes, you read that right, TWO weeks! I tagged along for a mini vacation while Daniel was there on some work related business.  It was nice to get away and spend some quality time with Daniel, spend some time alone working out or reading, and even cheating on my diet!  :-)  We walked up and down the Vegas strip, saw the show Le Reve (The Dream), and went to the Grand Canyon!  Here is a picture of me and Daniel at the canyon.  It was AMAZING!

The entire trip to Las Vegas was an awesome trip but the best part was coming home to Jackson and Peyton!!

Jackson did a pretty good job while we were gone.  He stayed in his routine for the most part while we were gone and had some great days at school.  Talking to him on the phone and even Skype was a bit frustrating at times.  I have a new appreciation for how Daniel (Dad) feels when talking to Jackson when he's out of town.  Regardless, he was sure excited to see us when we got home and that made both of us feel so good!  Here is a cute picture I took of him the day after we got home where he celebrated Dr. Seuss' Birthday at school!

I think Peyton grew even taller while we were gone and the first thing I did when I got home was ran out to buy some 2T clothes for our big boy!  Look at him sporting his new jammies and cute Angry Birds shirt!

Tomorrow I'm taking Peyton for his 18 month check-up!  I bet he's 30 lbs!  So this morning we all ran out  and got our haircut.  Peyton got his cut really short and it looks adorable (look at how bushy it was though).

Last, my 36th Birthday is coming up on Tuesday and since Dad is going to be out of town this week we celebrated my birthday today.  I got some awesome new clothes and some gift cards!  It was very nice.   The best part was my special surprise PRINCESS birthday cake.  Boy, was Jackson jealous of my cake!

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