Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eggstravaganza Fun!

Yesterday, we went out in the rain and cold to Blank Park Zoo's Eggstravaganza event.  Aunt Lisa and Emily came with us as well to enjoy the good times!  We arrived early and waited in line as to beat the crowd.  Even with the gross weather there were still a fair number of people out there waiting in line with us!

Once we got into the event it was really cool how many activities they had for kids and families to do.  The first thing we did was the egg hunt.  Here are some pictures of Jackson (my little model) searching for eggs...

After the hunt, we got our candy and went into the Ice Age traveling exhibit and made some crafts at the craft station.  However, it was so cold that dad and I were ready to go about an hour after we got there.  So we all went to brunch at Perkins and then went home and everyone took naps!

This morning Jackson was up at 7 a.m. looking for what the Easter Bunny left...  after we detained him until 8 we all got up and had breakfast and then the boys got to open their baskets.  Afterwards, Jackson and I were opening the blinds to the living room and E.B. left a ton of eggs scattered all over the front deck!  So the boys got their baskets and went out to collect some more eggs...

Later today we are heading to a family event for more egg hunting and lots of food!  I'm glad we are going to be on a break from all these "candy" holidays for a few months at least!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tis The Season for Bike Riding!

This weekend was all about the bike rides.  The weather was awesome (again) and we went on a family ride Saturday night.  Below are some pictures from our outing. 

Yesterday, Dad and I went for a bike ride without the kids and made it 22 miles.  Boy, were we both dead tired after that!!  I love spring/summer!  ;-)