Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break in the Dells...

Why are the Wisconsin Dells called the Dells?  When I googled (is that a word?) to see if I could find an answer it brought up info about an R&B group.  LMAO!  If you know why, post a comment to this post!

Anyway, here we are spending the week of spring break in Wisconsin (home of cheese... curds, I guess).  Why not go someplace more exciting with warmer weather you might ask, because we have a timeshare and this was a fun option we had within driving distance, that's why! ;-)  So this past Friday, I packed up the car and the kids and we drove 5 1/2 hours from Des Moines to the Wisconsin Dells.  Daniel was in Chicago for work this past week and drove up to meet us here.  At first I was a little scared of the idea of driving by myself with the kids on a trip like this as I have never done it before without Dad.  Anyway, it went very well as Peyton and Jackson watched movies and ate their snacks I brought and the drive went by very quickly!  The resort is nice, we are in a two-story, two-bedroom unit with a small lake nearby, playground, and activity center with a fitness center, swimming pool, and arcade.

Here are some pictures we took yesterday while checking out the playground...

On our first day here, we hit the Tanger Outlet stores where I got three new pairs of Crocs and right next door we found a fun restaurant called Buffalo Phil's Pizza and Grille.  They have toys trains next to the tables and the trains carry your food and drinks to the table!  Such a ingenious idea!

It was a lot of fun and Jackson (who LOVES trains) was in heaven!  I swear the boy barely ate because he couldn't stop watching the trains.  He even asked the waitress if they could change out the locomotive so he could see other trains go!  ;-)

Today we planned to go to the Wis Dells Parkway and walk around but it was raining.  Maybe tomorrow we will do that.  I want to go to the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum and Wizard Quest. We are planning a trip to the pool at the resort later today, a trip to the Madison Children's Museum later this week, and perhaps House On The Rock on our way home on Friday!  So far it has been a very nice and relaxing vacation for all of us!  More soon!

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  1. I can see Jackson's excitement! Enjoy everything. Sounds like you four are getting a very nice and well-earned break! Love the pictures! Mammaw