Thursday, July 14, 2011

Would you stop doing that?!

As Peyton gets more and more mobile, I'm finding that he's getting into everything and I can't keep up.  I turned my back for a second earlier to pick up some of his toys and when I turned back to see what he was doing he had this book...

Yea, that is NOT my book.  It's Daniel's!  LOL.  Just made me laugh that this was the book he pulled out.  Perhaps he will have a real interest in knitting just like dad (Daniel). 

I haven't had much time to update on here because I have spent the last couple of days dealing with insurance issues on our old house in North Carolina (which has been on the market for 16 months now).  Ugh!  We got a notice in the mail that our insurance company was non-renewing our policy because they prefer to not insure policies on out of state residents and on vacant properties.  Gee, you're welcome for having us as loyal customers for the last 8 years.  Glad you appreciated it so much.  :-(  

Yesterday I was living the life of a soccer mom dropping Jackson off at camp and then running with Peyton to the Pediatrician's office to get a prescription and then off to Walgreen's to have that filled.  That took 2 hours!!  But the best part and what makes it all worthwhile was Jackson started back to his swimming lessons on Tuesday night (after a 2 week break) and he had a new teacher. For the past 8 months we have had Ms. Marcy as his teacher but now he has graduated to a new level and has a new teacher.  I'll be honest, that made me a little nervous wondering how he would react to the new teacher and how she would deal with him.  I'm happy to report that after the lesson the new teacher made a point to tell me that Jackson did a great job of listening and following directions!  That was the first real positive report that I have received from someone else that makes me feel that the ADHD meds are helping!  :-)

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