Monday, July 11, 2011

Party Chaos! Crawling! Chores!

Jackson's 6th birthday is quickly approaching and I'm going crazy with the minor details of the party like the cupcakes, favor bags, and what we are getting for him.  Now I understand why all of those mom's were so crazy at the Children's Museum every weekend with every detail of their child's party.  It's maddening!  I've already screwed up on the invitation that went out last week and listed the party date as Saturday, July 31 (it should have said Sunday, July 31).  LOL. Oh well.  A party/event planner I am NOT!

Little Peyton is crawling EVERYWHERE now and I'm chasing after him every second it seems.  I need to go out and get another baby gate because of his favorite place to go...  Jackson's room!  Boy, does that tick off Jackson.  LOL.  Sibling Rivalry already?  Ugh!

Daniel and I rode our bikes yesterday with the boys following behind in the new tailor for about 6 miles.  OMG - that was hard!  Dragging an extra 75lbs behind you on a bike sure can kill the muscles in your legs!  I'm surprised I can walk today!  LOL. Before we left for our ride, I pulled some laundry out of the dryer and brought it upstairs and asked Jackson (who had been playing in his room for the last 2 hours) if he would come out and help me fold his clothes.  Can you guess the reaction I got?  LOL.  After all the crying and pouting had subsided he started to (unhappily) fold his clothes...

This morning as we were getting ready for another week of camp at the Y (this week the theme is All Around The World), Jackson told us that he had a great idea.  That he could do nothing but chores tomorrow and earn money for every chores he does so we can go out and buy him some dress-up clothes.  We told him that was a great idea and that we would start working on a list of things that he could help with around the house.  In the car on the way to the Y he said, "Daddy, you know what the bestest chores ever would be?"  To which I replied, "No, what is that?"  "It would be feeding and watering all of the plants and trees outside!  Don't you think that is a great idea?"  I laughed for a few seconds and said, "Well, honey, since God made it rain last night I think he's already taken care of that.  Dad and I will figure out chores you can do that are inside the house."  

I did some googling for some ideas on age appropriate chores and this is what I found...

4-7 year olds - "Help" is the important word at this age. Many of the chores will be done as a helper and slowly kids can graduate to doing them independently!
  • Set or help set the table
  • Put away toys/things*
  • Help feed pets
  • Water plants
  • Help make bed*
  • Dust
  • Put laundry in hamper*
  • Help put dishes in dishwasher
  • Water the garden
  • Help wipe up messes
  • Help with yard work
  • Help clear table
  • Help put away groceries
*We already do these as part of his daily routine.  Is it horrible that he makes his own bed and I don't help him?  I don't think it's bad for a 5 year old to know how to make his own bed without my help!  Just call me Joan Crawford I guess.  LOL.

Anyway, do any of you have other suggestions for chores that work well for your kids?  We told him we would give him a quarter for each chores he completes (to Daddy's satisfaction).


  1. You sound busy, busy, busy! Thank you for the cleaning suggestions that a child can do. Ammon, Carter, and I plan to use them. Come visit us...

  2. Love the new background! Love you :)