Friday, July 8, 2011

A Very Nice Visit!

For the last few days we have enjoyed a special visit from Jackson’s paternal grandparents. We went to the Science Center of Iowa one day to play and enjoyed eating out at a few local restaurants like The Old Spaghetti Works and Waveland CafĂ© while they were in town. I think both boys enjoyed spending time with Grandma and Grandpa just as much as they did with them!

Both Ken and Margaret have been excellent mentors to both Daniel and I as they adopted both of their children.  I can not tell you how helpful that has been to both of us throughout our journey to Jackson and Peyton!  Jackson has been very sad since they left to go back home yesterday and even drew this picture of his heart before and after Grandma and Grandpa left.

Last night we took the boys to Jordan Creek Mall to walk around for a bit just to get out of the house and ended up stopping at The Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  We love that place but I'm also SOOOO full when we leave!!  Anyway, a few weeks ago when Jackson was attending his Sensational Science Camp at the YMCA, he got a bug journal (collector box) to collect bugs in when he's outside.  Jackson cracks Daniel and I up with his love for grasshoppers and earthworms, but he's scared to death of bees, mosquitoes, and spiders.  As the girl took Daniel and Jackson to the table to be seated last night (I was in the restroom changing Peyton), Jackson climbed into the booth and then started screaming and got under the table and kept screaming as he flew across the room crying.  People were looking and Daniel and the hostess didn't know what happened.  Evidently, there was a "Granddaddy Long Legs" (spider) on the wall and only after Daniel killed it would Jackson sit down but only on his knees because there might be another spider under the table and he didn't want his leg dangling under it.  LMAO!  I'm thinking an outdoor job is not in this kids future!

Today, Dad (Daniel) needed to get some work done so we went to Blank Park Zoo with Aunt Heather, Judah, and Alexus.  Here is a cute picture (right) of Jackson as I was getting him ready to go by spraying him down with sunscreen.

Look at those little white legs!  LOL.  Maybe I should stop putting the sunscreen on his legs for a while to darken those up!  hehehe.  We had a good time at the zoo.  Today was the first day we increased Jackson's ADHD medicine to a higher dosage and I could really see a different in his listening and behavior!  :-)  Jackson and I have this running joke about me being the Daddy Bird and him being the Baby Bird (thanks to our friends Tabatha and Beau back in North Carolina) so this next picture (left) cracked me up when we saw this giant egg at the play area of the zoo. 

Tonight the boys are having a sleepover at Nana's while Dad and I have a date night and go see Transformers 3.  I can't wait!!

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  1. A. J. I enjoyed reading this post. Aren't grandparents a blessing! Okay, gotta get back to chores. I am looking forward to reading more.