Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hot Enough For Ya?

Today we took Jackson and Peyton to a park just down the road from our house because they have a nice kiddie pool and sprinkler area for the kids to run around.  There were tons of people there playing in the water and as Jackson took off in the water and Peyton, Daniel, and I sat down, I started to melt and so did this truck that pulled up next to us...

OK, so the truck really wasn't there but it was pretty darn hot outside and it probably would have melted if it was there!  We didn't stay long and once we got back home we all dropped in the living room under the ceiling fan.  How did anyone ever live before air conditioning? 

This Sunday we are having Jackson's 6th birthday party.  I can't wait!  :-)  More details and pictures coming soon!

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  1. I lived in TX for a while and it was *uninhabitable* before A/C! :-0