Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hey Big Spender!

Today we ventured out of the house for a trip to Costco for diapers and to Super Target for a few other things.  Jackson asked if he could bring his new wallet that holds all the quarters that he's been getting for doing chores and such around the house (plus that tooth fairy money) so he could get something.  We thought the dollar isle would be a great place for him to "shop."  After about 5 minutes of looking at everything in the dollar isles, he decided that he didn't want anything until we got to the checkout lane. So after some careful selection, Jackson put his ring pop up on the conveyor belt and was very excited when the cashier said, "That will be $0.60, please!"  With Dad's guidance, he dug out 3 quarters and gave them to her and she returned $0.15 to him with his receipt.  He was so excited to get some change back including a nickel!  Ah, if only his excitement with small change would last forever!  :-)

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  1. Yes it doesn't last, since I gave my son dollar bills. He has lost a total of 4 teeth thus far, two of which were in the first few weeks after school ended. So the tooth fairy (me) raised the bar, he is no longer interested in coins unless it is 4 quarters which he knows makes a dollar. =-)