Monday, July 4, 2011

TGIH (Thank God I'm Home)!

We woke up late this morning and missed the continental breakfast at the hotel so we were forced to go eat at Panera Bread.  LOL.  If you know me, you know I LOVE me some Panera!  :-)  Anyway, after breakfast we went back to the hotel to get our things and load up the car.  After Daniel finished putting everything in the trunk (yeah, I admit it, I didn't help)... I asked Jackson if he was all buckled up and ready to go and he said, "Yep, and so is big and little bunny."  When I turned around to see what he meant, this is what I saw...

3 1/2 hours, one stop for gas, and a stop for lunch later we finally made it back to Des Moines!  You would think that after a long weekend away of running around we would just chill for the night and do nothing... but NO, we then went out for a bike ride and drug the boys along with us! 

My mom bought this cute little trailer for us!  We only rode about 6 miles because it was hot and the bugs were out like crazy!  I know I'm sweet, but c'mon!  I even pulled a bug out of my hair on the way home - YUCK!  Anyway, on the way back home we told Jackson that once we got home it would be dinner, a quick bath, and off to bed.  To our surprise he didn't resist or complain, but instead he said, "Yea, I really need to get my beauty sleep."  LMAO - now I do NOT say that regardless of what Daniel thinks.  That cracked me up!

Tomorrow Jackson's paternal grandparents, Ken and Margaret come to see us for the week.  We have not seen them (other then Skype) in about a year.  Jackson is very excited! 

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