Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ugh! Thunder and Princesses!

Jackson just came out of his room with tears running down his face holding onto doggie (his over-sized stuffed animal) because of the thunder.  When I asked him why he was crying he said that he was trying to be brave and stay in bed but couldn't.  Poor guy!  Hopefully the thunder lets up here soon because Jackson has a big day tomorrow with the start of Princess camp at the Y.  He already has his knights costume from this past Halloween ready to go with him tomorrow so he can "dress up" with everyone else.  He will be the only boy in the camp, of course.

About two months ago when I sat down with him to tell him about the camps the Y was offering I just told him about the Science and Go Wild! camps.  When he asked me if there were any others I told him that there was one more but I didn't think he would be interested.  When I told him there was a Princess Camp his eyes got HUGE and he said, "Oh, Daddy, I really want to go to that camp!!"  So I called the Y to see if it was okay for my little man to be in the princess camp and they said that was fine.  I am really glad that both the same camp teachers for the past two weeks of camps are teaching this week as well so they already know Jackson.  Maybe I'll get some good blackmail pictures of Jackson for when he's older from this camp.  Hehehehe!

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