Thursday, June 23, 2011

Knees, Play areas, and Bang Bang!

After a morning that really flew by, Peyton and I ventured off to the Y to pickup Jackson from camp.  As we arrived in the room, the teacher told Jackson that I was there.  Jackson quickly got up from his chair and starting charging towards meaning yelling, "Arrrrrrrrrrrr!"  I quickly lifted my knee up to block him from hitting me in my private place and from knocking me over with Peyton in my arms.  The impact of Jackson was braced by my knee but unfortunately he bumped his mouth pretty hard on it instead.  OMG - I felt sooooo horrible!  Screaming, tears, and blood (I think he bite his tongue) later we determined that he was not missing any teeth and he started telling me about his day at camp when the folks at Blank Park Zoo brought an owl, alligator, and SNAKE for the kids to see and touch.  I was shocked to hear from Jackson and his teachers that he touched the SNAKE.  EWWWWW!  Once we got back into the car, I talked to Jackson about what happened and how he can not do that to Dad and Daddy especially when we are holding Peyton.  Poor kid!  I really didn't expect anything like that to happen, but my "wild child" was really coming at me fast and if I had not blocked him I think I would have fallen backwards with Peyton!  I don't even want to think about that.

After a quick nap (yes, I can't get through the day without my own nap while the boys are down), we made our way out to Jordan Creek Mall for a play date with our friends Anita and her son, Mason.  I love that mall and adore their play area because it's very big and open from all sides for parents to watch their kids play.  As Anita and I sat on the bench watching our kids a little girl walked in front of us and proceeded to climb up on top of the gum ball machines in order to get a blue piece of gum from the top.  Anita and I looked at each other and both said, "Where are her parents?"  Kids will be kids, that's for sure, but sometimes they do some stupid things and as a parent I can't help but want to swoop in and "fix" it for them.  As Jackson was running around wild in the play area chasing after girls and boys, playing tug of war, and climbing up on top of everything and jumping as far as he could off of them I wondered are these play areas really safe? 

Jordan Creek Mall Play Area
When I worked at the Children's Museum of Winston-Salem, we used to complain about parents letting their children climb up on the letters of the Animal Alphabet exhibit.  But why wouldn't they think that was OK when places like the mall play areas allow the kids to climb up on EVERYTHING. I really would love to know how many children are seriously hurt in play areas each year.  Anyone know?

Later, after Jackson's swimming lesson, we headed over to the airport to pick up Daniel who had been out of town for work all week.  We were all so glad to see him and headed out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, Bang Bang Mongolian Grill (we are still convinced that Cher started this restaurant based on her hit song).  Afterwards, we even stopped at Dairy Queen and got Brownie Batter Blizzards.  Yummy!!  After Daniel put Jackson to bed and I was finishing up feeding Peyton, we finally sat down to talk and debrief on everything that has been going on over the last week when I heard some noise coming from Jackson's room.  When I went into his room he was on top of his covers laying with his head down on the pillow and butt up in the air.  LOL.  Obviously, he was doing something.  When I asked him what was going on he said, "Nothing."  So I sent him to time out to think about what nothing had happened.  Eventually he told us that he was standing on his bed trying to pull on the chain to his ceiling fan to make it go faster.  We have talked to Jackson repeatedly about not playing with the chains on the ceiling fan and asking us to turn the fan on or off at bedtime.  So now Jackson has no ceiling fan on for the rest of the night because of his poor choice.  At what point does it just "click" in his mind that we have a reason for telling him what to do and what not to do?  Sometimes my little blond headed angel is so adamant that he's going to do it himself that he forgets what we said.  LOL.

I'm so ready for our trip to Omaha tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to so fun play at the Children's Museum there and walking around the Aksarben Village area where we are staying and eating at Jones Bros. Cupcakes.  Mmmmm!  So excited!!

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