Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday, Monday

Why do thunderstorms always happen in the middle of the night?  I awoke this morning to a flash of lightning and the footsteps of a scared 5 year old.  Shortly after Jackson climbed in bed with us Peyton started to cry.  Our pediatrician talked to me recently about self soothing and letting him "work it out" at night and fall back asleep.  I tried to do that but after 30 minutes I couldn't stand it anymore...  and boy did I feel horrible when I got in Peyton's room.  Poor guy had peed so much his diaper blew up and he was all wet!!  :-(  After I got him all cleaned up and gave him a bottle he was pleased as punch and passed out.  So precious.  When I got back to bed Jackson had taken over my side and didn't want to move over.  What parent doesn't love that at 5 a.m.?!?  After moving the little prince over and getting back in bed daylight came far to quickly.  Typical morning, Jackson didn't want to wake up and was in a bad mood because he didn't sleep well the night before because of the thunderstorm.  Finally Daniel took him to camp and Peyton and I played games working more on his gross motor skills.  We still don't love the sippy cup but he's holding it more and trying to drink from it.  I think his new move to tell me he's full is when he flaps his arms and screams, "DA DA!"  :-)  Eventually Peyton and I ventured to Walmart then to South Des Moines Veterinary Center where Gizmo is being groomed and boarded this weekend during our trip to Omaha and then to the Y to pick up Jackson from camp.  He had a great day at camp and was proud to show me his a crown made from paper that says "Rainforest Observer," the cutest lion he made from a paper plate, uncooked macaroni, and glitter, and binoculars he made from two toilet paper rolls!  Later, we took our camp binoculars with us to Costco for a safari hunt in the store.  Unfortunately they broke halfway through the expedition and he spent the next 20 minutes trying to fix them.  I love his curiosity and ambition to figure things out.  When do we as adults lose that drive?  What point do we think we have everything figured out?  Kids live so in the moment as we adults run around worrying about money, shopping, and what's for dinner...  I need to take lessons from Jackson and remember to live in the moment!  Like that Tim McGraw song "Live Like You're Dying."  It's supposed to rain more tonight...  please just let it rain WITHOUT a thunderstorm!!  We have a long day tomorrow.  I'm dropping Peyton off at Nana's house and taking Jackson to the doctor in the morning, then to camp, followed by nap and swimming lessons in the evening.  I'm tired just thinking about tomorrow.  If I'm tired now, what will I be when Peyton has a bunch of things on top of Jackson's activities?  YIKES!  Goodbye Monday!

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