Monday, June 27, 2011

Magic Wands and Puppy Cuts!

Our first day of Princess camp was a success!  Jackson reported that he had a blast making a bracelet with all of our names on it and a special magic wand to turn daddy into a frog!  Aren't they beautiful?

He is going to wear his Knight costume the rest of this week (or so I was informed) as the rest of the girls in the camp are dressing up as princesses. I wonder what is in store for tomorrow?

As we all walked in the door from picking up Jackson from camp, I realized that I forgot to pick-up Gizmo from the vet.  LOL.  So I called first to make sure that he was ready and then we got back into the car and headed over to South Des Moines Veterinary Center.  Boy, was Gizmo excited to see me and the puppy cut they gave him looks AWESOME!  He's so purdy!

This afternoon Jackson and I are off to Iowa Methodist Medical Center for an EKG.  This is part of his new ADHD treatment that the doctor wanted.  I hope we aren't stuck waiting there for a long time and I hope Jackson doesn't complain too much.  I have no idea what is involved with this for a 5 year old so this should be interesting with my little critic.  :-)

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