Sunday, June 26, 2011

Things I Thought I'd Never Say...

When I was a kid I can remember things that my parents did that I said to myself, "I will never do that to my kids when I'm older!"  And here I am all these years later somewhere between "No!" and "Please stop doing that!"  As a parent it is hard for you to convey to your kids that you do know what is best for them most of the time.  Jackson is going through this independent stage where he wants to do everything himself and he gets really upset when he is told what to do.  It's hard being a 5 year old, I get it, I was there once too.  But c'mon, kid!  What am I going to do when Peyton is this age!?!?  Yikes!! 

Anywho, we left early in the afternoon Friday for our weekend in Omaha.  The boys were asleep in the backseat, Daniel was on a conference call, and I was driving with a horrible stomach ache that just did not get any better the further we went.  I even pulled over once thinking that I might throw up, but I didn't.  Once we finally arrived at our hotel (it was about a 3 hour drive) and we all got in the room I went into the bathroom and threw up.  :-(  After 3 more incidents of me throwing up the boys all went out to dinner and checked out the town while I stayed in the room.  Maybe Peyton's spitting up incident earlier in the week really was a stomach bug and not to be blamed on his teething. 

THANKFULLY, when I woke up yesterday morning I felt a lot better and we ventured out to breakfast at Perkins (did you hear that the owners recently filed bankruptcy?)  before heading to the Omaha Children's Museum!  What an AWESOME place.  Now I worked at a Children's Museum in North Carolina for 6 years and this place was just on a much higher scale.  The water table, the world of balls (where there are shoots, cranes, and drops for balls and the kids just went wild), the Carousel, and the old Richmond Gordman slides.  One of the best moments was when Jackson and I were crawling around in this play area of tunnels (that are really just for kids but I went in there too) and he turned around and said, "I love you, Daddy!"  Sometimes he just knows how to melt my heart.  But then when Daniel or I are carrying him around and he farts in our arms, not so much!  LOL. Jackson was really upset when it was time to go.  If you have not been to this CM before, you really need to check it out with your kids.

Outside the OCM Entrance
Loved this!  Children of the corn!  LOL.
Earlier yesterday I wrote about the Angry Birds incident... shortly after that Jackson was still in a bad mood because he didn't get his way.  So Daniel suggested that he just watch TV on one of the screens in the restaurant and Jackson quickly replied, "I don't like to turn my head!"  So Daniel pointed out that there was also a TV right in front of him and Jackson did his infamous, "Oh!" His little 'oh' cracks me up EVERYTIME!  After dinner at Godfather's Pizza we went to Jone's Bros. Cupcakes.  OMG!  Those were good.

It was finally time for us to 'hit the pool' as Jackson was going NUTS and I realized that I forgot to pack his swimming trunks!  OMG!  I had them in the washer and dryer at home because he had his swimming lesson on Thursday night and I left them in the dryer.  I could have died!  So we quickly ran to Target to get him a new pair of trunks.  Problem solved (thanks, Daniel)!  As we were walking through to the boys department, we passed the women's section and Daniel said to Jackson, "There's a new suit for ya!" pointing at a two piece hot pink girls suit to which Jackson replies, "That's not my color!"  What a smart ass!  I love it!  After we got back and all got ready we went down to the pool and had a blast.  Even Peyton enjoyed floating around for a bit before getting splashed by another kid and wanting to get out.

On the way back home this morning, Peyton was sleeping and Jackson was busy playing on the Nintendo DS.  Suddenly, Jackson said, "Daddy, do you like my drawing of you and me on the swings?"

It really was a nice trip to Omaha!  I hope we can make it back there again real soon!

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