Saturday, June 18, 2011

Living History Farms

Today was the first day that the boys and I could sleep in since Jackson started summer camp this past week.  It was nice to not set my alarm and just lay in bed for a bit until I rolled over and realized that Gizmo (our long haired chihuahua) had shit in the bed.  UGH!  So much for a relaxing morning as I was stripping  sheets and carrying them down to the washer...  of course, Peyton woke up at that point!  For some reason, my little Jackson did not wake up in a good mood.  Lately he has not wanted to make his bed in morning and complains when I ask him to go pee.  Today, he just didn't want to do anything Daddy asked!  :-(  Anyway, after we FINALLY got dressed and had breakfast we jumped in the car to picked up Nana (my mom, Theresa) and headed to Living History Farms.  (Last month we bought a membership to the Science Center of Iowa and that membership includes access to Blank Park Zoo and Living History Farms). The day was pretty overcast and I was worried that we might get caught in the rain (luckily we didn't).  Once we got parked and check-in through the Visitors Center, we were off!  I had forgot how much there was to Living History Farms (I had not been in over 20 years) and how boring it could be for a kid.  The first 20 minutes there were the best for Jackson as his curiosity for "what is that" and "what does this do" were cute and entertaining, UNTIL...  he was learning how the printing press worked back in 1875 and he picked up a piece of freshly inked paper.  I guess the ink doesn't dry for 24 hours... so he got ink on his hands and proceeded to wipe it all over his shorts and shirt.  The hand print he left on the left butt cheek of his shorts reminded me of an episode of "The 70's Show" when Fez was getting finger printed by his new boss at the DOT and ended up making out with her.  She quickly stopped saying that a relationship for them was wrong and as she exits the room you see two hand prints on the butt of her pants from Fez.   LOL.  Anyway, we did the walking tour of the farms from the 1700s to the 1900s which was interesting until we had to walk up and down a bunch of hills in the mud.  That was NOT fun with Peyton's stroller!  Plus to top it off I got bite on the arm and on my face by a massive mosquito.  :-(  So after 2 1/2 hours at Living History Farms I decided that next time it might be better for just Daniel and I to go as it's something more enjoyable for adults.  Next weekend we are planning a trip to Omaha.  There is a Train Museum there and hopefully Jackson will get more enjoyment out of that!  Tomorrow is Father's Day!! 

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