Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

What a fun, yet low-key day!  Daniel worked last night at the ER clinic and didn't get much sleep so he slept til about 2 p.m.  Before he went to bed we exchanged our gifts for each other from the boys.  I got a drawing from Jackson and a gift card for Itunes!  Daniel has also ordered a keychain that's coming for me that has both of the boys names on it!  WOO HOO!  Daniel got some candy and S'mores pop tarts plus a drawing from Jackson and a gift card for Itunes.  Daniel and I both know what we like and Itunes are sure an easy bet when in doubt for anything else!  Jackson, Peyton and I spent the morning together playing and working on Peyton's gross motor skills.  He's just so darn precious.  The look he gave me when he already had a toy in each hand and I tried to give him a third was hilarious.  He was like, "WTF are you trying to do to me!"  LOL.  I loved it.  It's moments like this that make being home with the kids worthwhile!  For dinner we went to Heather and Amanda's to swim in their swimming pool and hang out with some of our new friends.  Jackson had a blast playing in the water and rampaging around the yard with some other kids.  He did a GREAT job playing with everyone and I was proud and relieved that we didn't have any real meltdowns or issues with anything.  Sad that the thing that make me nervous now are the thought of my 5 year old screaming and yelling at me in public.  UGH!  Daniel saw the best shirt that we are thinking about getting for Jackson tonight.  It says...  I'm 5, what's your excuse?  HA!  Jackson starts the "Go Wild" camp tomorrow.  Sounds appropriate for him!!  ;-)

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