Friday, September 23, 2011


Here is a list of some of my favorite quotes from Jackson...

"God damn-it, you forgot to brush my teeth!" (and when asked where he learned that from he said, "You!")
"Dad, my penis tickles!" (Yelled loudly on the airplane as we were about to land in Disney World)
"What is your name?" (To my mother from a previous blog post)
"What the...?" (Thanks, Sponge Bob)
"Don't listen to this, Daddy!" (before he's going to tell a secret)
"I can't believe it..." (whenever we see some random building being built or construction site)
"Can you come check me now?" (to check his butt after he wipes - NOT Daddy's favorite job!)
"I'm not even gonna look at you!" (when he's really pissed off and in time out)
"My heart is so big that it goes up to the throat, into my brain, into my arms and legs, out of my butt and back into my penis." (Tonight at the grocery store)

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