Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finally, a good day!

Yesterday was my big day in the recording studio working on some songs for a CD for my friends and family.  It was very well.  We even had a keyboardist come in and play a few songs that I couldn't find background tracks for!  I didn't get everything recorded that I wanted, so we are going back to the studio next week to finish up!  So exciting!  Peyton did a great job at the studio chillin' while Daddy was in the sound booth.  ;-)

In the morning when I dropped Jackson off at school, I mentioned nothing to him about having a better day at school or anything about all the bad things he's been doing (he spit in someones face on Monday).  So when I went to pick him up, I was a bit nervous wondering how he did...  I was so relieved that he had a good day at school with no check marks and no problems.  He even told me that a little girl kicked him when they were lining up to go to Art class and he turned around and was getting ready to kick her when he remember what I had told him.  So instead he raised his hand and told the teacher and the little girl got a check mark, but Jackson didn't.  I was soooooo proud of him for FINALLY remembering what I told him he should do!

Hopefully today will go just as smoothly, but if not, at least I know he can do it (which I already knew he could but now I have an example to point out to him).

One last Jackson story for today...  in the mornings we have trouble getting our 5 tasks done (going potty, washing our hands, brushing teeth, making bed, and getting dressed) in a timely fashion so starting this week I am setting a timer.  I've made it into a game for Jackson to try to beat the timer in the morning.  Yesterday morning when he came into the kitchen at 7:12 I clapped and yelled, "YEA" when he walked into the kitchen.  He was so happy to have beaten the timer.  So I kept feeding Peyton and at 7:25 the timer dinged.  That was strange because I sent the time at 7:00 for 15 minutes so it should have gone off at 7:15.  So I asked Jackson if he touched the timer and he replied, "No, Daddy."  So I sat there for a minute and asked again and explained that it should have dinged 10 minutes earlier.  He put his hand to his head and said, "That was a lie, Daddy, I did touch the timer and gave myself more time."  So we talked about how that was cheating and how it was my job to set the timer, not his.  So this morning as I set the timer I asked him if I needed to put it out of his reach or was he going to leave it alone and play the game to which he responded he would not touch the timer and wanted to play the game.  So I set the timer for 15 minutes at 7:00.  At 7:14 I went to check on him and the timer still had 5 minutes on it.  So I asked Jackson if he touched the timer to which he responded, "No, Daddy." So I laughed and said, "Well, it should be dinging now and it has 5 minutes left, I wonder how that happened?"  So he took a deep breathe and said, "That was a lie, I added more time because I was worried I would not beat the timer."  So we went to time out and talked about the rule again afterward.  He'll get it right one of these times! I think what I'm going to start doing is letting him set the timer in the morning so he feels like he's getting to do it.  Maybe that will do the trick...

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