Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Last night, Iowa Veterinary Specialist sponsored a game at Principal Park for the Iowa Cubs.  Daniel has worked relief there a few times and was able to score some free tickets for us to go.  We had never been before and thought that would be a lot of fun for Jackson.  The night went well after we moved from the seats reserved for us to seats where we could actually see.  LOL.  I think Jackson had more fun eating peanuts and a hotdog and trying to catch flying hotdogs and t-shirts then anything else.  We all had a good time and definitely will do that again!  The best part of the evening was when I took Jackson to the restroom and we accidentially went into the WOMENS room.  LOL.  Well, the first sign said WOMENS so we kept walking and the next door didn't say anything (and I didn't see a MENS sign anywhere) so we went in.  I always take Jackson into a stall so I didn't notice the row of nothing but stalls and no urinals until we were washing our hands and a group of women walked in.  WHOOPS!  I have never laughed so hard!  A friend of mine said that since North Carolina listed me as the mother on Peyton's birth certificate I should have the right to use the women's room if I want.  I agree!  ;-)

Peyton has been waking up in the middle of the night for a diaper change and a bottle for the last few weeks.  Gosh, I sure do miss the the days of sleeping through the night.  :-(  Maybe once we make the transition to whole milk things will go back to normal.  <shrug> All I can say thought is he sure is precious when he wakes up in the morning.  Check out this little pose he was doing!

Daniel and I have started planning his first birthday party.  The date and location have been set and the theme will be Dinosaurs.  I can't wait to have those cute pictures of him covered in cake.  ;-)  Any advice for dealing with that experience would be appreciated.  We are having his party at a park and plan to bring a lot of wipes and such. 

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  1. LOL I always see Lucas sleeping in that position! I don't see how he that is in any way comfortable! haha. How old is Peyton? Kind of strange how he used to sleep through the night but is now waking up for a bottle? Is that normal? I hope not. I don't want Lucas to start waking up... :-/