Sunday, August 28, 2011

Peyton's First Birthday!

After weeks of planning, yesterday we had Peyton's 1st Birthday Party in Des Moines.

We rented an enclosed shelter for the event and I'm glad to say that everything went really well.  The theme we selected for the party was Dinosaurs.  Here are some pictures from the day...

S'mores cupcakes from Eat Me Drink Me Cupcakes!  YUM!

Daniel made those cute hats and all of the decorations from a website he found.  After some snacks and adult socialization, we had a fun craft for the kids to make their own Dinosaur followed by a Dinosaur Egg Hunt.  :-)  Finally, we got to the cake.  Everyone has told me that this is such a fun moment for every 1st birthday party!  Peyton was just precious during the video but would only bend down and lick the cake when I turned the camera off (how typical)...

The day was a lot of fun and we all dropped when we finally got home!!


  1. Congrats guys, looks like everyone had a blast.

  2. I loved Peyton's video. He was so delicately touching his frosting! Too funny! I'm sure you had a wonderful day that day. Sure missed being able to be there and share it with you! Love you all so much! Mammaw