Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Shot Glass... WTH?

This morning, Jackson and I ran out to get some groceries and finish gathering up some supplies for Peyton's birthday party next weekend.  Before we left, I gave Jackson 2 quarters for being a good boy the day before when we all went out to eat (we've had issues at restaurants in the past).  He was overjoyed and itching to spend his new fortune on something.   As we walked into Wal-mart we stopped at the prize machines.  3 machines had the mechanical claw and I told Jackson that if he spent his money in one of those machines, there was no guarantee for a prize.  He then saw the one gumball machine they had and wanted to spend his $0.50 there.  So I told him to go for it.  Guess what we got??  You would think he would get a ring, tattoo, or even a gum ball from the machine.  But NOOOO, he got a SHOT GLASS!  Seriously, Wal-mart?  What idiot put those in there because I must have missed the memo when that was a child's toy!  UGH!

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