Thursday, August 11, 2011

Diet is DIE with a T!

Guest blogging hubby here again...I had my tonsils out last Wednesday and let me tell you, that is not a fun adventure by any means! I have had some issues with sleep apnea over the past several months, and as my tonsils were engorged since birth the ENT recommended they be removed along with my uvula and part of a small section of soft palate--I felt like a bulldog with brachycephalic syndrome! So, last week was my scheduled surgery to get it over with. It was kinda cute when I checked in at the ambulatory surgery office....all these little kids getting their hospital bracelets with their little stuffed animals getting matching ones. I didn't bring mine, must've missed the memo :)
Anyway, surgery went well, even the pre-anesthetic IV catheterization which always creeps me out (even as a health professional myself, I can't stand my own blood or sharp objects of any kind coming towards me!). A little midazolam, a little propofol, some sevoflurane and I was well into happy joyful tonsillectomy land. And.....then.....pain. All I remember when waking up was intense burning/sharp pain in my throat like I was trying to swallow razor blades. And the really bad part is that my throat was reflexively swallowing on its' own as though I couldn't control it. Fast forward a week later and I'm still painful but in a much better zone of control that at this point---hydrocodone is my friend folks. It's worse in the mornings when I first wake up and kinda waxes and wanes through the day from there. It does create for a sleepy haze at times, so I'll admit I've had to take a few afternoon naps which is probably a good thing in and of itself. So far, I've been on a fabulous diet of jello, yogurt, and applesauce. I have had maybe 1/4 of a bowl of soup total and a small amount of egg salad--that's about as solid as I can handle it right now. Drinking tons of water which is nice. Great diet overall, but not one I'd volunteer for again!
AJ and the boys have been very loving through this whole experience as has AJ's mom who brought me over a "sick sack" of ice cream and smoothie makings. My mom and her husband were also visiting up to the day after surgery, so it was really nice to have my mom visit me during recovery. There's nothing like some coddling from your parent, no matter how old you may get :) I did eat one of the Edy's Smoothy mixes today and it was good. Last night, however, AJ and Jackson couldn't hold back any longer and ordered Taco Pizza for dinner. And ate it in front of me. While I could smell it. And salivate, yet not taste it...pure torture, people! So, I promised them as soon as I could eat normal again I'd be ordering some really tasty food and eat it in front of them too! LOL
Anyway, this all reminds me of a Garfield magnet that AJ has had for years on our fridge, among many others. Diet my friends is only DIE with a T!

Daniel :)


  1. Wow! Glad everything went well! Did you have your uvula and part of your soft palate removed? I've been on a CPAP for years and it helps a lot. I have wanted to have my tonsils removed (but they're not big enough to *require* it. :-P

  2. Yep, the ENT recommended it due to my severity of sleep anea (I had a score of 47!). The potential benefits outweighed the potential risks for me, so I went for it. I've been on CPAP since March or April and really want to be totally done with at least reduce it as much as possible. I'm off of it during recovery, then have to do another sleep study in 4 months or so and see what happens with that...