Thursday, August 25, 2011

I can't help it, I have these long dancers legs...

Last night we took Jackson to the Betty Hill Dance Studio in Windsor Heights to get more information about their "Boys Only" Class.  Daniel (Dad) took dance lessons for 9 years when he was a kid.  ;-)  I have all of his old costumes from when he was a kid (thanks to Mamaw) and even some old VHS of his performances.  He was sooo cute until we got into the Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby" recital.  SCARY!  Anyway, Dad and Jackson have always done flips and such in the living room and we really thought that since Jackson enjoys that he might enjoy dance as well.  So after checking out the studio, we signed him up and he starts next week!!

So starting next week, Jackson will be in school all day and then has swimming lessons on Tuesday nights and dance class on Wednesday night!  Good thing I'm a stay-at-home dad to be his chauffeur!!  

Is it horrible that I'm looking forward to having the pictures of my tiny dancer for his future graduation party and/or his wedding?  hehehehe.  ;-) 

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