Thursday, August 25, 2011

I love you... what is your name?

One of my favorite first meetings between Jackson and my mother (Nana) was shortly after he came to live with us.  This was maybe the third time that they had met and Jackson ran up to her and gave her a big hug and asked, "Do you have anything for me?"  LOL.  Every time we met a new person it seemed that Jackson was getting a present and it sort of become the expectation.   Daniel and I had been talking to him about it and that getting presents was not an everyday thing.  But Jackson forgot that and asked anyway. She did have something for him (because that's what Nana's do) and after he tore it open I said you should say thank you.  He turned to my mom and said, "Thank you..." followed by a long pause, "What is your name?"  Oh, how we laughed!  What can I say, he's not the best with names!

Anyway, Jackson started his first day of Kindergarten at Park Avenue (where I went to Elementary School a long time ago)!

He was soooo nervous!  He kept squeezing my hand and didn't want to let go when we finally got into the class and found him a seat.  Luckily, the teacher had play dough out and he was quickly playing and in his own world as we left.  I worried all day about him.  Was he making friends?  Was he listening to the teacher?  Did he find the bathroom?  Did he find someone to sit with at lunch?  3 o'clock could not come fast enough!

At last, Daniel, Peyton, and I loaded into the car to go pick him up.  As we got to the door of his classroom, many other parents were waiting there to pick up their new Kindergarteners as well.  I looked around at the other parents and was shocked to see two familiar faces from the past.  A guy I went to Park Avenue with myself when I was a kid was standing there, as well as a girl I went to Lincoln High School with.  I spoke to both of them and we laughed that our kids were all in the same class together! 

When the bell rang Jackson came flying out of the room so excited and talking up a storm about his first day.  He said he had a lot of fun and told us about recess, singing songs, reading stories, the lunch room, etc.  I asked if he made any new friends and he said, "Yep!"  "Do you remember their names?" I asked.  "Nope."  LOL.  I think he has a bit of a crush on his teacher because he said he "hugged" her 5 times today.  As we were walking out the teacher came up to us and said, "Jackson did AWESOME today!"  What was I worried about??  ;-)

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