Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weekend Trip to Chicago!

This past weekend we tested out the new Grand Caravan on the road and went to Chicago!  The drive was really enjoyable on Friday afternoon as we previewed the songs on the CD I recorded a few weeks ago and then stopped of a simple dinner at Panera...  I even drove 85% of the way there!  ;-)  Shortly after we got checked in the hotel and into our room we were getting the boys ready for bed when Peyton started crying and threw his bottle.  When I went to pick him up his entire bottom was wet (and not from pee)...  EWWWWW!  I could have died!  Anyway, we got that all cleaned up and finally got to bed only to wake up to another "accident!"  Poor little guy!  We made it through the rest of the weekend with no more problems but I only brought three sleepers with us and he pooped through two of them.  On top of that I forgot to pack shoes and socks for him!  Ugh!  Lesson here is that I should not be the one to pack for Peyton I guess!  ;-)

Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast a Yolk a local restaurant with some awesome food!  Then we headed over to Navy Pier and went to the Chicago Children's Museum.  Now I worked at a Children's Museum in North Carolina for nearly 6 years and OMG - this was a FUN place!  I loved the water exhibit and the Dinosaur exhibit the most.  Oh, and Jackson liked it too.  Hehehe.  Here are some pics from our day at the Museum.

Sunday we went shopping at the outlet mall in Gurnee (North of Chicago) and had lunch at a fun place called Sweet Tomatoes where they have all the soup and salad you can eat.  We made it back home late on Sunday night.  It is always so much fun to go on a little vacation, but I sure do like getting home!!

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