Friday, October 7, 2011

Sandwich in the Sand, and round and round...

Remember the Belinda Carlisle song, "Circles In The Sand?"  I loved that song growing up.  Get ready to crack up over what happened today!

Jackson had a great morning at school doing good things in class and earning two Panther Prides (a reward system they have at school where if you get 25 Panther Prides, you get a special award from the Principal).  Anyway, for the past week he has been taking his lunch to school.  He begged Daniel and I to get him a lunch box so he could take his lunch like his buddy, Mason.  I was reluctant to do it at first because I have a lot of others things to do and adding the job of making his lunch everyday didn't excite me.  But I gave in.  Everyday Jackson has not eaten his entire lunch.  I'm not sending a feast with him or anything just a sandwich, fruit snack, and some crackers along with a juice box.  But he would eat the fruit snack, crackers, and one bite of the sandwich.  But remember Jackson is ADHD and takes medicine for that that makes him not very hungry at lunchtime.  Each night I would sit down and talk to Jackson about how important it is for him to eat his lunch at school.  Then I started to notice as the week progressed that when he got home he'd be starving and then not hungry at dinnertime.  Ugh!

So today I sent him to school with just a Peanut Butter sandwich and a juice box and told him that he had to eat his entire sandwich if he wanted me to put more fruit snack and crackers in his bag.  My thought was the whole wheat bread and peanut butter have a lot of protein and would help him not be starving by the time he got home from school.  Good idea?  I thought so...

So tonight when I picked him up from school he came out of the classroom and handed me his papers from the teacher and I asked, "How was your day and did you eat your whole sandwich?"  He replied and said it was a good day and that he ate his lunch.  Then the teacher spoke up and said, "Jackson, tell your Daddy the truth about lunch and the playground!"  So evidently Jackson ate the crust off of his sandwich and then took his lunch bag out to recess (which he has been doing) and then took the rest of the sandwich out of his bag and proceeded to bury it in the sand. 

Perhaps this is what he was trying to create?  LOL.
Bury it in the sand... yep, that's our kid.  Hiding the evidence of his leftover sandwich so Daddy would NEVER know.  However, our little genius keeps forgetting that Daddy went to this same school when he was a kid and knows a lot of the teachers there.  So he got caught and got in trouble for burying his sandwich in the sand.  The best part was when I asked Jackson why he did that, "Well, I wanted to feed it to the bird."  Yea, cuz Iowa birds love to dig for their food in the sand.  LOL.

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