Saturday, October 22, 2011

Peyton's First Haircut

Today we took Peyton to The Lollipop Haircuts for Kids in Urbandale for his first haircut.  Neither Daniel nor I knew what to expect or how Peyton would react to this event but he did AWESOME!

Once they got Peyton in the seat he just sat there and watched some cartoons and held on to a few rubber duckies just like a champ.  He didn't mind the water on his hair or even the scissors.  I was worried that he would be so curious to know what she was doing that he wouldn't hold still.  I had to laugh at the end when they gave us a latex balloon for Peyton.  After working for years at a Children's Museum and knowing that latex balloons are a choking hazard I find myself biting my tongue when people give the kids a balloon.  LOL.  Isn't that horrible?  Anyway, I was glad the whole experience was a good one and that Peyton was his normal cute self!  The whole thing took about 8 minutes and we got a certificate at the end with a picture and a little bag with all his hair. ;-)

 Here's the video as well!


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