Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Daddy did NOT like waking up to that!!

So before I can tell you about what happened this morning, I need to back up a little bit.  Last Friday, Jackson woke up at his normal time, went into the bathroom and threw up!  Poor guy.  So we kept him home that day and my mom watched him and Peyton for us while we went shopping for the new Grand Caravan.  Anyway, when we got home, Jackson had not finished his lunch and my mom said that he had been bouncing off the walls and seemed fine.  So I had him sit at the table to finish eating his lunch and all of a sudden he threw up all over the table.  YUCK!  That was so GROSS and I thought I was going to die as I cleaned it up.  But I got it all cleaned up and he seemed fine the rest of the weekend.

Yesterday, Jackson had another really good day at school.  After have a few bumps in the road with some bad behavior a few weeks ago, he has really turned that around and been VERY good!  Anyway, he was coughing a lot yesterday and had to go to the nurse because of it.  He has had a running nose and cold for the last week and I wasn't really surprised when he was coughing a lot.  Last night he started having some diarrhea, but didn't have a fever and we gave him some cold medicine and he went to bed on time.

At 4:30 this morning he woke Daniel and I up staying that he saw some shadows on the ceiling from his ceiling fan and Daniel gave him a hug and sent him back to bed.  At 5:30 I heard him crying and when I went to see what we wrong he had thrown up all over his bed.  (And I thought the table was bad).  YUCK!  So I got him into the bathtub and got him all cleaned up, threw the sheets in the washer and put him back in bed after giving him some Pedialite.  I called the doctor's office and she thought it was probably just drainage from his nose into his tummy that made him throw up.

Then at 11:30 Peyton started crying so I got a sippy cup of some milk and picked him up and he's clothes were wet...  and smelled...  really bad!  He had diarrhea too and his diaper exploded.  BLAAAHHHH!  So 8 hours later, a nap with more Pedialite and some toast... no more throw up or exploding diapers!  Keeping my fingers crossed because I may have to hire a maid to clean up another mess!

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  1. oohh.... I dread those days! It's all part of being a parent I suppose! Hope the boys are feeling all better now! :-)