Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's Raining Milk (Strawberry Milk that is)...

Today was the first day that I dropped Jackson off at school without walking him to his classroom. I was a little worried about it so i decided that I would stop by and have lunch with him just to make sure he was ok.  Of course, he was just fine.  As we made our way down to the lunchroom, he told me about how he ran into one of his classmates and they walked to their lockers together and then to class.  That made me feel better.  Anyway, Jackson got a taco for lunch and I got the pizza.  We picked up our milk, paid, and then found a seat next to one another.  If you have ever been to school lunch with kids you know that you talk to everyone else at the table more then your own child.  As I was trying to listen to some of the other kids across from us, Jackson took his milk and was trying to open it. For some reason, he then put it under the table to open it and next thing I knew my pants were covered in strawberry milk!  LOL.  I am always amazed at watching the kids in the lunchroom eat (or not eat I should say).  They all talk talk talk and don't touch their food.  Were we all like that as well?  I guess I was a pig cause I always ate all my lunch!  Probably explains why I was a fat kid.

Anyway, we finished lunch and then went outside for recess.  Here is a picture of Jackson running around the track...

After recess I went back to the classroom with Jackson and sat next to him on the rug as the class did a cute counting game with a deck of cards.  Then we went to the library and I helped Jackson check out a book.  He got "The Itsy Bitsy Spider."  Did you know that the song actually have six verses?  I did not know that.  So after he checked out the book, I read it to him and a small group of his classmates.  At the end of the book is the music with all the verses.  So next thing I knew I was singing EVERY verse to them.  LOL.  It was a fun afternoon!

Later when I picked up Jackson from school he handed me a note that said his class was exposed to head lice.  YUCK!  I have been itchy all over all night thinking about it.

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