Friday, July 1, 2011

A Prince will love a really OLD Snow White look-a-like… NOT!

UPDATED:  Jackson's Princess Camp was featured in the Des Moines Register online (

Princess camp is wrapping up this morning for Jackson and it really has been a lot of fun for him (and me).  Yesterday all of the campers got manicures and pedicures and I snuck in just in time to catch Jackson finishing up his morning of pampering.

Today we had to put on our swimming clothes underneath our Knights costume because at lunchtime the kids are running through a large inflatable water thing…

...but before that the campers are getting their hair done and a little makeover to make them all beautiful for the arrival of a surprise guest.  When I arrived Jackson was having some eye makeup applied so his eyes were closed.  So I snuck in and started taking pictures of his makeover when he finally opened his eyes and saw me and said, “Oh, Daddy, WHAT are you doing HERE!?  You need to leave NOW!”  Bless his heart, he was embarrassed that I was there seeing his makeover.  As I told him, I would see the makeup on his face when I picked him up after camp was over so it didn't matter.  LOL.  Finally, after telling him that I thought he looked really handsome with his makeup and him repeatedly telling me, “I know,” he seemed fine with me being there but I needed to leave right after their BIG surprise. 

Anyway, Jackson LOVES Sleeping Beauty (his absolute favorite princess) but both times we have been to Disney World he has had a little love affair with Snow White as she has ooh-ed and ahh-ed all over him both times.  So I really wanted to be there to see his face when Snow White showed up as a surprise guest at the camp.  When Snow White walked in with her walker and oxygen tank (ok, it wasn’t that bad but she had a lot of gray hair), I really don’t think Jackson knew who she was.  LOL.  As she tried to engage the campers, I had to laugh as Jackson kept talking and talking and talking as if it were just him and Snow White’s Great-Great-Grandmother.  

Anyway, Peyton started to get a little fussy so I snuck out of the meeting with Snow Gray. I originally wanted a picture of Snow White with Jackson but was really disappointed with this look-a-like that I was kinda glad Peyton was fussy so we just left.  I can’t wait to pick up Jackson at noon and see all of the things he has made this week.  Next week is really going to be tough for him after having these past three weeks of fun summer camp each day!

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  1. I seriously just spit water I was laughing so hard from this image :) Wish I'd been there to see that!!

    Daniel :)