Friday, July 15, 2011

Christmas in July?

Yesterday when I woke up I felt horrible.  Daniel was stuck in Denver for an extra night and the thought of getting up, let alone taking care of the kids with no help, was too much for me to handle.  Somehow I got out of bed and got Jackson ready and my mom (Nana) came over and took him to camp for me.  Bless her!  As the morning progressed, I started to feel a little better and was excited to hear about Jackson's camp when he returned at noon.  The camp is called "All Around The World" and each day they learn about a different country.  Yesterday, he learned about China and decorated a crown for Chinese New Year.  Shortly after he got home, he asked if he could go in the backyard and play on the swing set and I said that was fine.

Whenever Jackson is playing in the backyard, I periodically check on him through the kitchen window to see if he is OK.  At one point when I looked out the window I cracked up.  He was sunbathing on the slide (see picture below).

Later that afternoon I really wanted to take a nap when Peyton passed out for his.  Since we started Jackson on his ADHD meds, he hasn't been taking a nap at all.  So I turned on some cartoons and told him that I was going to lay down for a while and he could watch TV.  Shortly after I climbed into bed, there was Jackson climbing in bed with me wanting to take a nap too.  So we cuddled in bed for a while as he kept tossing and turning and breathing hard when I finally said, "Jackson, please stop moving because you keep waking me up."  To which he replied, "I can't help it Daddy, this is how I fall asleep!"  LOL.  The kid has an answer for everything. Maybe he'll be a politician when he grows up!  Anyway, a few minutes later he asked if he could get up to go watch cartoons again.  I laughed and said that was fine.  It was still sweet of him to want to try and sleep with me for while.

As I close this entry, I thought it would be fun to share a video we took of Jackson this past Christmas at Mamaw's house.  He was debuting his song, "Christmas, Everyday" along with an interpretive dance.  It's very cute!  Enjoy!

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