Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just Call Me Mama!

One of the reasons that our family made the move from North Carolina to Iowa last fall was because in 2009 Daniel and I were legally married in Iowa.  It was difficult to go back home to a state (North Carolina) that did not recognize our marriage and even more difficult when we adopted our children and only one of us could be on their birth certificates.  However, since we are married in Iowa, we could do another adoption in Iowa after living here for 6 months and the kid's birth certificates would then have to be reissued listing both of us as their parents. 

So early last month we went into court with our lawyer and after being grilled on the stand, we walked out of the court house with adoption decrees in hand for both boys listing both of us as their legal parents.  The next step was getting the new birth certificates... Jackson was born originally in Kansas and that state very quickly and easily reissued his birth certificate listing me as Parent 1 and Daniel as Parent 2.  Not so easy though in North Carolina where Peyton was born.  Today we learned that NC does not have a "Parent-Parent" birth certificate and because of that they will list Daniel as the father and me as the mother.  LMAO!  I guess they are at least putting both of us on the birth certificate, but that's just dumb!

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  1. LOL That is crazy! We when we do our finalization in a month or two, I know we will be listed as Parent 1 and Parent 2. How odd that NC doesn't have that option. Congrats anyhow!