Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Tooth Bites The Dust!

Jackson came running up to me this morning when I finally got out of bed and told me that he lost another tooth!  "The Tooth Fairy is going to bring me another $.50," he said.  I just laughed and agreed with him.

Jackson has been lying a lot the last few days even after being obviously caught doing the wrong thing.  For example, this morning we caught him sneaking around in our bedroom (which is in the basement) clearly looking for his birthday presents.  When we asked him what he was doing he quickly said nothing and that he was just hiding on the floor and waiting to wake us up at the right time.  LOL.  A few hours later he told Daniel (Dad) that Gizmo had gone potty on the floor in the basement by the back door.  The only way Jackson could have known that was if he was walking (snooping) around in the basement.  Anyway, 10 minutes and a time out later Jackson finally admitted that he was "looking" for birthday presents in the basement.  I think it's the fact that he's just turning 6 and he's already being super sneaky!  UGH!  What are the teenage years going to be like for us??

Mamaw and Grandpa Kyle arrived in town yesterday for Jackson's birthday weekend and today we went to Jordan Creek Mall with them for the kids to play in the play area and do our annual Build-A-Bear with Jackson for his birthday.  We really wanted to build a Smurf with the new movie starting today but they were completely sold out of them and not getting anymore in until November!  :-(  I know that Daniel and I were more upset about it then Jackson was who decided to build a Hello Kitty doll instead and named her Furry Pinky!  Great name, huh?

Anyway, after dinner at the Cheesecake Factory we got home only to discover that the refrigerator was no longer keeping things cold and everything in the freezer had melted.  Daniel and I had just got to the store this morning!  Isn't that how it always works???

We are planning to attend the Italian Festival tomorrow in downtown Des Moines.  I haven't been to that since I was a kid and I'm quite excited to take the boys and experience a little bit on my heritage with them!

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