Sunday, July 3, 2011

Check Your Zipper, Lego Man!

We arrived in Minneapolis yesterday afternoon and after a quick stop at the hotel, we went to the Mall of America.  Jackson was so excited to see that they had an indoor amusement park that I think he was going to explode. After two times on the Fairly Odd Coaster, and once on the Log Chute and Orange Streak, we went to dinner at Kokomo's Island Cafe.  I cracked up when we were getting ready to leave and I stopped in the restroom.  On the way out, this was on the door...

LMAO!  I laughed and laughed!  Then we were off to Lego Land and Bath & Body Works before leaving the mall!  Hopefully we will make it back there later tonight!

This morning we went to the Minnesota Children's Museum.

Jackson and Peyton had a blast exploring all of their fun exhibits including the new traveling exhibit, Lego Castle Adventure.  We spent a least 45 minutes in that exhibit building castles!

Two years ago I attended a Children's Museum conference hosted by this Museum so I had been here before.  I couldn't wait to show the boys the bubble table, the ant hill, and toddler area.  Children's Museums really bring out the big kid in me!  ;-)

We might check out Planet Snoopy at ValleyFair before heading home tomorrow.  If not, that will have to be on our next trip to Minneapolis.  DEFINITELY, next time we come, we are going to the Water Park of America.  We drove by it on the way to the Mall of America.  The water tubes wrap around the outside of the building.  It looks AWESOME!

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