Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wow - the boys are GROWING!

Lots has been going on over the last couple of weeks, and I have repeatedly thought to myself, "I need to update my blog."  And I just haven't found the time!  Anyway, at last, here I am!

First, today Peyton turns 17 months old...  where has the time gone!  Wow!  Lots of chitter-chattering, trying to eat on his own, and exploring the world!  Here are some pics I've taken over the last few weeks...

Jackson has been doing REALLY good at school...  he's in the '50 word club' with one other boy in his class for recognition of all 50 sight words they work on in Kindergarten, and he's a member of the '100 club' where he and a handful of other kids can count all the way up to 100.  With all these great things going on I was bummed that we ran into a few more problems with LUNCH at school!  LOL.  After not getting to take  lunch to school for three days (per my previous post titled, "Nice try, Kid!"), Jackson returned to school the following week and first thing on Monday at lunch he threw his sandwich on the floor in the cafeteria.  The teacher sent me an email as a heads up so I was waiting for him after school in the hallway to talk about what happened.  He didn't want to tell me at first by telling me that the teacher had emailed me about a problem he had, but I made him tell me anyway.  So we talked about it and I asked him what was going to happen as per our discussion the previous week...  and he said, "I have to eat lunch in the Principals office."  And that's what we did the rest of the week. 

Thankfully, he returned to eating lunch in the cafeteria with his friends this week and we have had three great days with no problems at lunch and even eating everything in his bag!  On Friday and Monday I guess his regular teacher was out for a few days and I was a little worried that Jackson might make some poor choices with someone new in the classroom.  So both days before I dropped him off we talked about being nice and helpful to the sub and not going along with any rude behavior other kids might be doing to the sub.  Anyway, on Tuesday his regular teacher emailed to say there was a note from the sub stating that Jackson was awesome and super helpful to her while his regular teacher was away!  So Tuesday night I took Jackson on a special play date at Merle Hay Mall (see pic below) and we even stopped at Starbucks and got a cupcake as a reward for being so awesome!

Later, Jackson built a special a lego creation for me.  Can you tell what it is/says?

It says "Daddy" in legos.  Very cute!!  :-)

Well, that's all for now, Daddy is taking an Algebra class online for school and hating every minute of it so I need to get back to my homework!  Blah!  Anyway, have a good night for me and the boys...

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  1. I am always happy to see your latest postings of Jackson and Peyton. They are growing so fast. I really enjoy reading about their latest developments and adventures and looking at those amazing photos of them in action. :-) Keep up the good work er blog! Love to all, Mammaw