Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This past weekend Daniel and I took a quick trip to Denver to see the Michael Jackson IMMORTAL World Tour show by Cirque du Soleil.  We have had tickets for this show for 10 months!  It's always fun to make plans so far out in advance, but in retrospect having a quick trip right after a long holiday break probably wasn't the best idea, but we did it anyway!  So Daniel flew in town Friday evening after working the week in Chicago and two hours later we were both on a plane to Denver.  Gizmo (our long haired chihuahua) spent the weekend with some friends of ours, and the boys got a fun weekend with Nana (more on that in a bit).  So we stayed at a hotel in downtown Denver in the mall area on 16th street.  It's a fun part of town with all the stores lining the street just like an outdoor mall.  We had lunch the following day at the Hard Rock Cafe, dessert at Pinkberry, and just walked around to the different stores in the mall.  Later that night we saw the show which was AMAZING!  Regardless of what you think of Michael Jackson, he had an amazing talent with his voice and the music that he wrote.  It was a great tribute to him.

Peyton has not been sleeping well at night and so I was a little worried how he would do at Nana's house.  At her house both the boys sleep in the same room...  so I was just keeping my fingers crossed that everyone would get some good sleep over the weekend!  Sounds like things went just fine as Peyton slept all night both nights for Nana!  Jackson made some fun crafts out of construction paper for me and dad when we got home which reminded me of the fun times I had as a kid with my Nannie.

I had to laugh at Jackson yesterday when I picked him up from school.  Nana was watching Peyton for me so I went into the school to get him.  The bell rang and he came out of the classroom and we both went to his locker. There I asked him if he had a good day and he said, "Yes, I did!"  His teacher was coming down the hall towards us and I jokingly pointed towards her and said, "Is she going to agree with that if I ask her?"  And he looked down at the floor and said, "No." Then I heard from the teacher about how he had three check marks and two of those were from hands on events (pushing and hitting)!  So we both talked to Jackson about it there in the hallway and then the teacher said, "And Jackson told me that he was staying with Nana this weekend and so he wasn't in his normal routine this morning."  So I burst out laughing and told her that I was home last night and Jackson was back in routine for school this morning!  The teacher gave Jackson a funny look and he knew that he was in trouble!  Anyway, I couldn't get over him blaming poor Nana for his bad day at school! 

I hope this behavior doesn't mean my child is going to be a Republican, you know, blaming everyone else for their problems!  LOL.  I'm kidding...  after we just had the Iowa caucus' last week, how could I pass that one up?

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