Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Christmas Surprise

This year, instead of traveling back to North Carolina to spend time with Daniel's family, his mom and step dad came up to Des Moines to spend the holidays with us!  We did a lot of planning for this gathering including meal planning and special gift ideas.  One gift that Daniel and I gave to both of our mom's this year were special picture frames from grandma's and their grandchildren and as a bonus we made an appointment at our favorite portrait studio to have professional pictures done of the grandma's with the grand kids.

What do you think of the final results?

A.J. (Daddy) and his mom (Nana)

A.J. (Daddy) with Nana and both boys

Daniel (Dad) and his mom (Mamaw) and both boys

Daniel (Dad) and his mom (Mamaw)

Nana and the boys

Mamaw and the boys

The whole extended family!

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