Saturday, December 10, 2011

Santa Baby...

Today we ventured out to the mall to see Santa!  We debated on going to Southridge Mall close by our house, or going out to the big newer mall (Jordan Creek) in West Des Moines.  Southridge won because it was closer to home as it was getting very close to Peyton's nap time when we finally got moving.  Another big pro to going to Southridge...  no one was there so there was no wait!  LOL.  Here is the pic....

It turned out cute.  Jackson must have been very excited and nervous because he kept doing this really fake smile and closing his eyes all the way, while Peyton just sat back and chilled.  Those are my kids...  Mr. high strung and Mr. laid back!

Yesterday, Peyton and I went to a play date out at Jordan Creek mall with our new stay at home mom group.  We had a great time socializing with lots of other kids and mom's in our group and before we left Peyton was able to climb up the stairs and slide down the slide all by himself!  :-)

Next week we are going bowling with the group!  :-)  Anyway, we were both pretty tired when we left the mall and Peyton passed out during the car ride home.  Later, when he woke up from his nap he was so cute.  I put him down on the floor in the living room and he crawled over to the chair, climbed up and grabbed his milk and pulled down the blanket and just sat there watching the news with daddy.

He's just such a little man.  I can't imagine life without him or Jackson!  The only thing that's really tough right now is Peyton's temper tantrums!  They are horrible!  For example, we attended a Christmas Party thrown by some friends tonight and Peyton kept trying to hit a 4 month old baby there!  So when Daniel picked him up to remove him from the temptation, Peyton slammed his head into Daniel's!  Poor dad has a huge goose egg on the side of his head now from the little man!!  :-(  I have been left with war wounds as well as I have a big scratch between my eye brows from the little guy getting ticked off at me and ripping my glasses off of my face!  I can't wait until I get Lasik surgery in the next few months!  Oh well, I guess it could be worse... he could be like that baby Dinosaur from the 90's TV show Dinosaurs and be hitting us with pots and pans...

This pic is from Nana's house where Peyton loves to take out her pots and pans from the cupboard.

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  1. Cute Santa pic, but Santa looks a little grumpy :)