Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Greed is the word...

Well, not really, but in this day and age of overwhelming toys and IPODS and video games, it seems that most kids are very greedy when it comes to getting everything that they want.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, Christmas morning, Jackson expressed some dissatisfaction with the number of gifts Santa left for him.  We follow a simple rule in our household.  Each child gets three gifts.  Why you ask...  because the baby Jesus received three gifts from the Three Wise Men so it seems only fair to us.  :-)  Anyway, in the living room, Jackson and Peyton appeared to only have two presents each from Santa and that could have been part of Jackson's disgust.  But I need to mention that there was also a note left by Santa on top of the empty plate where the cookies we had made earlier had laid the night before.  Here is a picture of Jackson during the decorating of the cookies (well, we decorated him a little, too)...

The note from Santa expressed his happiness that both boys had been pretty good this year and that Santa was interrupted during his visit to our house while leaving presents as one little boy (Jackson) was awake and got up to use the restroom.  Anyway, the end of the note said that a large present had been hidden somewhere in the house for both Jackson and Peyton and we needed to search for it.  So we quickly went on a hunt around the house for a large present.  We found it in the basement, a large box all wrapped.  Jackson quickly tore into the wrapping to discover a Deluxe Walk-In Play Kitchen!

It was a very nice Christmas for everyone as both boys got a ton of presents from us, Santa, all of the grandparents and their uncles.  :-)  Later that night, Daniel and I made a traditional Italian meal (at least in my family) for the four of us, Mamaw, Grandpa Kyle, Nana, Uncle Sam and Aunt Debbie.  It's a baked pasta dish with small meatballs, eggs, and tons of cheese.  Anyway, the best part of that was my Uncle Sam let me use the same dish Nannie (my grandmother) prepared this same meal in every Christmas for my family growing up.  :-)  We still have tons of food leftover! 

What's the worst part after Christmas is over???  Trying to get all of the toys your kids got out of the box!

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