Thursday, November 24, 2011


What a great Thanksgiving we had this year.  The weather was very nice (mid-60's all day) and we got a lot of good quality time with family!  This morning I woke up and made breakfast for everyone.  Turkey bacon, hash browns, eggs, and bagels with cream cheese.  Yummy!  Then we all watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV while I baked some scalloped corn for later.  Afterwards, Daniel then made some Rosemary Walnut bread and Sweet Potato Casserole.  I LOVE Sweet Potato Casserole!  YUMMY!  After lunch, we all took a short nap in the early afternoon and then loaded into the car and went to my uncle's house for dinner.  Turkey, raisin/apple dressing, cream peas, broccoli, garlic knots, and all the goodies we brought.  My mom cooked the turkey and boy was it juicy!  Daniel was nominated to cut the turkey (since he's a vet) and can you believe he'd never done it before?  He did a great job though!

I was proud of myself for not over doing it on the food this year and keeping in line with my diet (I've lost over 39 lbs since August)!  After everything was cleaned up and the kids had played for a while, the pumpkin pie came out.  I had fun feeding it to Peyton while he held a small fork and did everything with it but poke at his food!  ;-)  I'm so thankful for Peyton!  He's so precious when he laughs and I love his chitter chattering (except when we are sitting in a restaurant and it just becomes screaming)!  I love that the more you tell him, "No, don't do that," the more that he just does it anyway.  (See picture below).  Is there something in our brains that just makes us do things regardless of being told not to?  Regardless, I can not imagine what my life would be like without him. 

I'm also thankful for Jackson who can always make me laugh and melt my heart with his eyes.  Today's laugh was over a tooth.  He has had another loose tooth for the last week or so and been working hard to get it out.  Today at lunch when he was eating a PB sandwich, he announced that the tooth was gone!  OH NO!  The only thing we can figure is that he swallowed it.  You should have seen the look on his face when I suggested that.  The look of fear that A) he had swallowed something that was not food and B) that the tooth fairy wasn't going to come if he didn't have the tooth.  When Dad told him that he would poop it out, I quickly added that he was NOT going to go searching for it!  You know he's gonna try!  EWWWW!

Finally, I'm thankful for my husband, even when we both get on each others nerves!  LOL.  He's always such a good sport and helps keep me sane in those moments of craziness in our house!  Two screaming children and a howling dog is enough to drive anyone crazy!  He truly is my other half and I'm lucky to have found him!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Gobble Gobble!

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