Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Run, Baby, Run

Yesterday was a good day until I went to pick up Jackson from school.  This was the first day that he was going to be walked across the sky walk to me across the street by a 5th grader.  Peyton and I got to the parking lot at 3:00 p.m. and watched as all the kids started coming out of the school and walking over the sky walk and across the street.  At 3:08 p.m. I looked at the clock and thought to myself, "Where is Jackson!"  As I looked back up at the sky walk, I saw Jackson's coat and backpack running the wrong direction on the sky walk back towards the school.  I quickly got out of the car to make sure I was seeing my son and I was!  His classmate Alexis came up to me and said, "Jackson thought you were going to pick him up in front of the school."  My heart dropped.  We NEVER talked about that and I have NEVER parked in front of the school...  always in the parking lot across the street. 

I grabbed Peyton and ran across the street at Park Avenue, and then ran across the street at SW 9th all the while keeping my eye on Jackson who was walking in circles in front of the school.  As I got across the street I yelled for him and he came running to me.  I was so upset, scared, confused, and many other emotions all at once that I didn't know what to say to him!  He evidently saw a van that looked like mine in front of the school and thought it was me and went running to it.  We had a long conversation with him when we got home about what happened and what he needs to do in the future.  I honestly have never been so scared and felt so helpless in my life because when I saw him running the wrong way on the sky walk, even if I yelled, he would have never heard me!  Thankfully nothing bad happened and I'm glad to say today he did walk all the way across the sky walk and street to me waiting in the parking lot.  :-) 

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