Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby Kisses!

Peyton has started doing the sweetest thing...  now when I'm holding him and say, "Give Daddy kisses."  He leans his head in and kisses my mouth and then laughs.  It is sooooo sweet!!  I can't imagine it gets any better than that!

Jackson had a good day at school today!  I was really excited to get an email update from his teacher tonight.  Here is part of the message from her:  "Update on Jackson – He is doing really well.  He has been doing a lot better with his impulses.  He is doing a really good job of keeping his hands to himself and is no longer needing consistent reminders regularly.  He is doing a better job of being honest and not saying everything was an accident. He is taking responsibility for his actions and being more apologetic when something does happen.  All around, I’m proud of the progress that he has made thus far."  Sounds good to me!  Now we just need to work on being more consistent at home and we are all set!!

Daniel (Dad) and I went to see Twilight's Breaking Dawn Part 1 yesterday at the movie theater.  OMG - BEST. MOVIE. YET.  Loved it and can't wait to see it again!!

Aside from Turkey day, I am really looking forward to this Saturday when we are riding the Santa Express in Boone, Iowa.  It's an hour and fifteen minute ride from the train depot to the "North Pole."  I can't wait.  Pictures coming soon!

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