Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And Another Tooth Gone...

Last night at dinner, Jackson suddenly reached into his mouth and pulled out a tooth!  (That's not something that happens every day, thank goodness!)  He was so excited about it!  I was just as excited that he hadn't swallowed this tooth like the last one!!  LOL. This morning, the tooth fairy brought him a shiny new quarter and he was on cloud nine once again.  Tonight as we were sitting on the couch together, he can't seem to keep his fingers out of his mouth...  do you think he's just obsessed with his teeth or the money that comes from losing one?  LOL.

Peyton and I had a fun morning yesterday as we went to our local Library for Baby Rhyme Time.  I have been reluctant to go to any story times because of the unknown...  the unknown of how Peyton will react and the unknown of the experience for me.  But we put on our big boy pants and just went and I'm glad we did.  There were a total of five kids at the program (Peyton was the only boy and the tallest of them all including those older than him - he's gonna be a basketball player when he grows up I think).  The leader read stories, sang songs, got out some shakers for the kids and played a song for them to dance to, and then got out a basket of toys for the kids to interact with.  The whole thing reminded me of my friend Mary Mollitt back in Winston-Salem and her Mary Time programs she would do at the Children's Museum where I worked.  Peyton did so good walking around, picking up books and handing them to other parents, and just being full of laughter and good spirits!  :-)  We are going to check out a special story time for 1 year olds tomorrow!

On Friday, we are going to a meet up with a Stay At Home Mommy group (I can't find any Dad groups here in Des Moines, so I inquired with a Mommy group to see if I could join).  I hope they like us so we can officially join after the meet up!  <Fingers crossed>

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