Monday, February 20, 2012

Where is God?

The other night as Daniel and I were tucking Jackson into bed he started asking a lot of questions about God and heaven.  He wanted to know why we could not see heaven when we look up at the sky and why does God punish bad people...  all questions that we have thought about at one time or another.  I found the exchange to be so sweet and innocent as he was searching for answers to some difficult questions.  Both dad and I believe that Jackson and Peyton need to find their own beliefs, whatever those may be, but we are not forcing our beliefs on them.  We are sharing what we believe, but with the idea that faith is what guides us to our own beliefs.

So this brings me to my questions for my followers... have your children asked questions about God and how have you handled those?

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  1. Scott is at the age now where he's asking the really in-depth questions and we've had to have the conversation about the fact that some people believe one thing and some people believe other things -- and that it causes wars and fights. One of his very good friends is somewhat fundamentalist Christian. To the point they don't celebrate Halloween cuz it's the devil's holiday. It sparked a whole host of queries regarding who was right and who was wrong, which I tried not to really take a side on.

    That said, I also tried to explain what my own beliefs were and that he needed to decide for himself what he believes. He's having a hard time understanding why people would fight over whose version of God is right. Something I think a lot of us struggle with. At the end of the day, the only thing I can tell my son is that if there is a God, he gave you a brain to use it -- he sends people to this world, maybe, to try to teach us things. What we GET from those things is different for everyone. It's a conversation we'll have over and over, I'm sure. I spend a lot of time asking him what HE thinks the right answer is, trying to guide him toward what I consider the 'better' responses but giving him the reasons why I might think so.