Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Party!

Jackson's class had a Valentine's Day party last Friday and made special gifts for both dad and daddy plus he got loaded up on sugary treats!  I was feeling a bit under the weather (got the stomach bug that's been going around and a fever so I was out for 5 days with that).  Anyway, Daniel went to help out with the party in my absence and took these pictures of the festivities...

Last night both Jackson and I made a really nice Valentine's Day card for dad (who is out of town this week and will not get it under Friday when he gets home).  The card will go with some other things we bought for dad earlier in the day that we can't wait to give him!  We had a good time eating chocolate, talking, and coloring pictures on the card.  We don't do that nearly enough, mainly because I'm usually wrapped up in stuff with Peyton, but I think we are going to do more crafty things like that in the future!  :-)

We are all very excited that Mamaw arrives in town tomorrow night for 2 1/2 weeks and will be staying with the boys while dad and I go on a mini-vacation to Las Vegas!!  I can't wait!  More details on that coming soon!!

UPDATE:  When to the eye doctor today and I have 20/20 vision and the doctor has released me from his care unless I have any problems!  YEA!

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